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What is 843 Nest Egg?
      Suppose you would like to have a vacation home in the Charleston area, but at this time can only use the property a few weeks or months out of the year. Through the use of our short term vacation rental management system;  our clients are able to use the home whenever they want and generate income during times of the year when one cannot take advantage of the property. 

      The 843 Nest Egg concept is to view properties as an income stream producing stock. The real estate market may fluctuate up and down, but our income focused approach partners with a national vacation rental company to effectively market our investment rentals to the widest market.   

      843 Real Estate assists  all our clients from the initial purchase of their property through the vacation rental program and ultimately, if desired, to the sale of the property. Our clients are amazed at how easy this all inclusive real estate management program functions.  The 843 Nest Egg concept allows our clients to fully realize their investment goals while enjoying all the wonders the Carolina coast has to offer.

When a client is ready to sell their property, the 843 Real Estate is able to list the property for sale with very exclusive incentives.  All of our clients, both rental and investor, are alerted to the potential sale of an income producing property along with the entire local real estate community.

Imagine using a property for vacations, festival weekends, birthdays, family reunions or sharing with friends; then having the opportunity for residual income the rest of the year. Our advanced marketing targets individuals all over the world and locally who are looking to visit Charleston or take a beach vacation.  

Below we have set up a simple alert system for this current market to alert all of our clients of a potential​ income making property that fits their every need and desire.  Please take amoment to fill out the preferences below and we can send you notices when the property you've been waiting for hits the market.